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Allied Health Education


Patient Care Technician, Pharmacy Technician, Clinical Lab Assistant.


Participate in controlled laboratory environment. Perform processing of specimens, bedside, point-of-care, and moderately complex testing. Apply obtained phlebotomy skills, specimen processing, data entry, patient information retrieval via internet/other electronic devices. Prerequisite: AHE 145.

0193 Section S KUNDERS L 5 Credit(s) Hybrid Course Evening Class
6:00 PM-8:20 PM MW WWY-0105 Class is: Open
Online lecture with on-campus laboratory sessions. Mandatory health and safety guidelines will be followed. Attendance requirements will be provided by instructor. Instructor email:
An additional fee of $76.00 is collected for this course.
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An introduction to state and federal legal research using both hardbound volumes and online legal research database services. Emphasis is placed on locating and analyzing primary cases and codes, interpreting secondary authorities and practice tools, and updating legal research results effectively. In this class, students will also practice drafting client correspondence, legal opinion letters, and a legal memoranda, as well as prepare correct legal citations. Prerequisite: LEGAL 200 or instructor permission; completion of or placement in ENGL& 101.

2623 Section S JENNINGS E 5 Credit(s) Evening Class
6:00 PM-8:50 PM MW ONL Class is: Waitlisted
This class will be delivered as a synchronous online course. It will meet remotely via Zoom video conferencing. Course content will be shared via audio-visual means. If you require an accommodation please call 425.640.1320. Inst:
An additional fee of $15.00 is collected for this course.
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